Salty Pimp

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck was seen in
Street Food Episode 6 on Season 5

Try the SALTY PIMP ICE CREAM from the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck's Menu

Recommendation - SALTY PIMP ICE CREAM

One of the best ice cream trucks you'll find in NYC, the flavors are just as great as the name of some of these cones. Gail Simmons is in love with this classic soft-serve ice cream cone and grabs it when she crosses path with this truck. A perfect blend of sea-salt with dulce de leche really hits the spot. For more great options, try the Bea Arthur with crushed Nilla Wafers as well.

Address - contact for menu, prices, take-out & delivery

Roaming Food Truck New York, NY 10003


Salty Pimp Ice Cream