22-Ounce Strip Steak

Bern's Steak House was seen in
Old School Episode 7 on Season 5

Try the 22-OUNCE STRIP STEAK from the Bern's Steak House's Menu

Recommendation - 22-OUNCE STRIP STEAK

First of all, as the name suggests, yes this is one massive hunk of meat! A full twenty-two ounces of perfectly prepare steak, it will take a tremendous effort to actually get it down. But if you are a true meat lover like chef's Sunny and Alex, you're up for it. The full 5 weeks of aging is what makes is special as the basic ingredients consist of butter, salt and pepper. They also have an amazing chocolate peanut butter truffle for dessert.

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1208 South Howard Ave. Tampa, FL 33629


Berns Steak House 22-Ounce Strip Steak